Careers at Mehta Infosoft

At Mehta Infosoft, we maintain a competent and demanding ambience that helps you to realize your utmost potential, and which often spurs you to even go beyond the confines of your potential. It’s an environment that transfigures you into a seasoned and a clued-in professional. The environment, which is taxing, and which, at the same time, is equally invigorating and rewarding. So if you are on the lookout for is the place to be.

You will Enjoy Working at Mehta Infosoft

Working with the latest technologies

We are focused on offering proximity technology services with the latests IoT technologies: Bluetooth, Wifi, Sigfox, beacons, NB-IoT…

Comfortable work environment

Comfortable and nice work environment. We want that the time you spend in the office will be as good as staying at home.

Young but experienced team

mmediate start in our young but with proven experience team. Our engineers are specialized in each of the development areas and have a wide experience in product definition

Personal and professional growth

We offer personal and professional development in one of the most promising sectors. You’ll be part of the most relevant projects in the new era.

flexible hours

We offer full-time job, with european mentality and work schedule.

International training and projection

We are seeking people keen to learn and able to apply the acquired knowledge effectively. We offer the possibility to grow in an international environment.

With the Experience Over decade Mehta Infosoft is the leader in Product Engineering and Business Solution provider in global market.



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